Catering for W E D D I N G S is something that’s very close to Elise’s heart as it’s no secret that cooking food has a lot to do with the act of love. Choosing to work with Elise and her team unevitably means that you will be treated to a customized food concept including your favourite ingredients and colours as well as include your edibe food memories turned into ‘S O M E T H I N G N E W!

From a gorgeous cocktail with a colourful tange of canapes, a dazzling dining experience to a spectacular wedding cake styled with your favourite F L O W E R S on fleek with your overall styling – we’ve got you covered.

Have we sparked your curiousity and would you like to see what we could do for you? We’d love to meet you over a coffee at our Concept Space in Amsterdam. Come together with your fiancee, family or bridal squad and be ready to indulgde in P R E – W E D D I N G V I B E S with us!

We hope to meet you soon!

Let’s M E E T


Roasted Pumpkin, Miso Aubergine, Girddled Corn and Tahini-Yohgurt

Open Bar

Colourful Salad

The Day After Cinnamon Buns