E L I S E  H E N R Y  C R E A T I O N S  is a Conceptual Catering Company based in Amsterdam. Together with her team Elise designs unique experiences where great attention to detail, brilliant colours and charming hospitality join hands. Whether you’re looking for food exclusively designed for your wedding, wishing to raise your press event to the next level or would like a Covid-proof way to treat your clients to a range of delicious treats – you’re exactly where you need to be!

G E T   I N  T O U C H


I T  A L L  S T A R T S  with a single idea but it’s what follows that makes an event come to life. This is exactly why we take out a good chunk of time for the first part of your inquiry, preferably meeting you in real life over a coffee at our Concept Space situated in the Baarsjes region of Amsterdam-West.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch. After all – the sole reason we specialise in Conceptual Catering is so that we get to connect with Y O U to create something unique and memorable!

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L E T ‘S  M E E T!

We’re bound to make CHRISTMAS extra festive this year!

With Christmas around the corner, and one without limitations, we’ve decided to go all out and give our favourite holiday even more sparkle then we usually already do.

Order a small surprise cake for a friends birthday, a colourful brunch box to brighten your team or simply (and very importantly!) spoil yourself to something delicious once in a while!

O R D E R  A W A Y

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We’re happy to answer any questions or give you a rough quote. Send a message below ⇓ or give a ring. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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